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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Comfort

Living without AC can be extremely uncomfortable during the summer, especially if you’re also dealing with high humidity. Even if the weather is relatively mild for most of the year, those few hot weeks without air conditioning can feel brutal. As experienced HVAC contractors, we know how important it is to have year-round comfort.

Your home should be an escape from the high temperatures outside. Unfortunately, many older homes in Skokie don’t come with air conditioning. Or it's cut from the plan to save money during your home's initial build. If that's you, then it's time to put an end to it. Now’s the time to install a new AC unit (or heat pump) in Skokie and avoid another doggy summer. Recent summers have been some of the hottest on record in many parts of Illinois, and with temperatures rising, it’s time to prioritize your comfort.

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The Advantages of Installing Air Conditioning in Skokie

Putting in a new AC unit in Wilmette has huge benefits for your household. Here are some of the most notable advantages of installing a central cooling system:

  • More Comfortable Sleep: Relaxing at night is particularly difficult when it’s hot outside, especially if you live in a house that doesn’t naturally get much airflow. Having an air conditioning unit in your home will help your entire family sleep easier. This can also be assisted by humidifier or dehumidifier installation.
  • Better Productivity: With so many people working from home full-time, temperature control is essential during the daytime, too. An air conditioning unit will help you be more productive on hot days.
  • Better Air Quality: Air conditioning units come with filtration systems, improving the air quality inside your home. This is particularly helpful for those who struggle with allergies during the spring and summer. Some air conditioners can even filter out smog and other heavy pollutants to protect your lungs.
  • Windows Stay Closed: When you have an air conditioning unit in your home, you can keep the windows closed during the summer. This comes with several benefits. It keeps insects and other pests out of your home and increases your home’s security levels. It also helps minimize outdoor noise, particularly if you live in a busy area.
  • Increased Real Estate Values: Air conditioning is an amenity that many people look for when selecting a new home. Because of this, installing an air conditioning unit can increase your home’s overall property value and desirability. Even if you’re not considering selling your home now, this is important to consider for the future.

While there are so many benefits to installing an air conditioner, there is one downside to be aware of: higher summertime electric bills. Then, of course, there's the increased noise. Most people in Wilmette and Skokie find these drawbacks more than worth it to finally be cool indoors.

What to Expect During Skokie AC Installation

Before the installation, our team will discuss your air conditioning options with you. We’ll help you find a system that best fits your home and budget. We’ll also conduct an evaluation of the site to properly prepare for installation.

Installing a new air conditioner can take anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the type of system you opt for and the layout of your house. Plan for the installation to take a full day. If this isn't something you can accommodate, give us a call at 773-420-6060. Our Skokie HVAC company may be able to slide you into a keyless or weekend appointment.

We will use protective equipment to ensure your home's furniture and surfaces aren’t damaged during installation. We’ll start by preparing the indoor and outdoor areas where your AC system will be installed. We’ll also remove any old equipment.

We’ll then install the key components of your air conditioner: the copper lines containing the refrigerant, evaporator coil, and drain line. We’ll also check your home's electrical connection and ensure the air conditioning unit is properly wired. Finally, we’ll place the unit.

Once the air conditioner has been installed, we will conduct tests to ensure it works properly. Our team will also be available to answer any questions you may have or address any problems that come up in the days following your installation. This includes showing you how to use the thermostat.

Why AC Installation in Skokie Is a Job For Professionals

We don’t recommend trying to install a new AC unit alone. Installing an air conditioner comes with a variety of safety risks for those who are inexperienced. Additionally, you risk doing it wrong, which can damage both the unit and your home. Instead,it's best to hire a local HVAC company to ensure the job's done right.

AC installation requires a variety of complex tasks. You’ll need to ensure you have the proper ductwork and electrical wiring for your new system, and the ground may need to be leveled for the outdoor unit. These are all tasks that require specialized training and equipment and shouldn’t be done on your own. On top of that, air conditioners work using refrigerant. Refrigerant is toxic, so it needs to be handled professionally to prevent accidents.

Ways to Protect Your New Air Conditioner in Skokie

Once you have your air conditioning unit installed, you’ll want to take steps to keep it in good condition. Consider signing up for a preventative HVAC maintenance plan with a local company. This will help keep your air conditioning unit clean, and it’s also an opportunity to fix any minor problems before they get out of hand. Best of all, it lets them take care of remembering it.

You can also do many small things to help your new air conditioner in Wilmette or Skokie last longer:

  • Keep the area around the outdoor unit clear and free of leaves, branches, and debris.
  • Regularly change the air filters in your indoor units to keep them clean.
  • Hose your unit free of debris on occasion
  • Schedule regular AC tune-ups with Ultimate HVAC

Just by following the above steps, you'll be able to take full advantage of your new central cooling system. Though you'll need to replace it eventually, you'll be surprised how nice it feels to finally have a working air conditioning unit.

Trust Ultimate HVAC With Your AC Installation in Skokie

With years of experience and stellar reviews from our happy customers, Ultimate HVAC is the top AC installation and repair company in Skokie. We take pride in our excellent customer service and fair prices, and our expert team members are here to help you solve any AC problems that arise. Give us a call today to learn more, or schedule an appointment.

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