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Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair in Skokie

Does your boiler system need repair? We offer around the clock boiler service!

Keeping your Cook County, IL home or business comfortable during harsh winters is our number one goal. At Ultimate HVAC, we understand that your boiler system is the most important appliance in your home, and we have the experience necessary to keep your system operating properly, or in the event of a emergency, get you boiler repaired quickly before any damage can occur.

Boiler maintenance saves energy and money

Your boiler needs to be serviced annually. Failure to provide proper maintenance will result in emergency failures, higher energy costs, and premature equipment failure. At Ultimate HVAC we offer a Comfort Club. With it, before each winter we will make sure your boiler systems has been thoroughly cleaned and checked and that it is ready for your heating season.

If you’re considering a new boiler system were here to help, with our free estimates and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here in Cook County, more and more mini split heat pumps are being installed. Will mini splits are known for their easy installation, they are technically advances, and require a trained professional to troubleshoot and repair. Our EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified and factory trained technicians guarantee service on time, done right and priced right.

Things to check before you call

Every winter, we face periods of time where temperatures drop, the wind come up, and the chill factor falls to well below 0°F. This is when marginal equipment start to fail. During one of these cold-snaps, at least a couple time a day we arrive on an emergency heat call only to find the problem was something painfully simple to resolve.

Before you call us, take these steps and you might be able to resolve your problem on your own:

  • Fuel: Make sure that the gas is turned on to your home. If you have an LP gas or oil boiler, make sure you have fuel in your tank
  • Check Your Thermostat: Make sure your thermostat is set to “On” and in the “Heat” mode.
  • Check Your Power Supply: Check your circuit breaker to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your heat system does have power.
  • Check Your Boiler Switch: to make sure it is “On”. This is typically an older toggle switch and may or may not have a Red cover plate.
  • Does Your System Have a Pilot Light?: If your gas boiler has a pilot light check it. If it’s off, re-light it.
  • System is On, But a Zone is Cold: Is a section of your baseboard not heating? It may be air-bound. If you have radiator bleed valves try removing this excess air.
  • Boiler Water Supply: Is the water level in your boiler too low? There should be 12 - 15 psi in your boiler. If there is not try adding water to your system through your system water feed valve.
  • Check Your Vent: If you have a modern sidewall vented gas boiler, the vent often terminates outside near the ground. Is the vent terminal clear and snow free?

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Experienced and licensed boiler service

Ultimate HVAC has decades of experience providing boiler repair services to home and business owners in Skokie, Niles, Wilmette, Winnetka, and Glenview. Our company services all boiler brands and we stock most parts necessary to restore your boiler to proper operations quickly.

There are several common issues you may notice that will indicate you’ll want to give us a call:

  • Water or leakage around your boiler
  • Unusual noise during system ignition or operation
  • Intermittent failures that require you to restart the boiler
  • No domestic hot water, or lower hot water capacity than what you are used to
  • Higher fuel consumption than normal
  • Cold rooms or cold heating zones
  • Ice accumulations on vent systems

Our licensed and NATE certified heating technicians have the experience necessary to carefully evaluate you system and take corrective action quickly.