Professional Air Duct Cleaning in the Skokie, IL Area

Having a professional air duct cleaning is essential if you want better indoor air quality and an HVAC system that runs efficiently. All the buildup that accumulates in your system over time can really take a toll on the performance of your heating and cooling as well as your health.

Don’t trust just anyone with your air ducts–Trust the professionals. At Ultimate HVAC, we use specialized equipment and years of experience and expertise to provide top quality results.

Why is Duct Cleaning So Important?

With all of the airflow through your ducts, anything floating in your home’s air can settle in your ducts, including pet dander, dust and microscopic organisms such as mold and bacteria that can feed off of the deposits. It’s pretty unpleasant to consider. Several pounds of this buildup can occur over the years!

Think of what this means to the intricate parts of your HVAC system. When this debris dislodges, it can can get caught in your coils, compressor, etc. This harms the efficiency, and in fact, it’s quite a common problem.

Additionally, if you have sensitive pets or allergy/asthma sufferers, they can be adversely affected by the microbes breeding and getting redistributed through your ducts.

Why Choose Us For Duct Cleaning?

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