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Ultimate HVAC provides professional gas furnace service for the areas of Skokie, Niles, Wilmette, Winnetka, Glenview and surrounding areas. When your heating system is compromised or not running as efficiently as it used to, Ultimate HVAC is who you have to call.
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  • Dirty filters and lack of maintenance

  • Gas smells coming from the furnace

  • Inconsistent temperature or wide temperature swings

  • Loud blowers, air noise, or poor airflow

  • Water collecting near the furnace

  • Furnace not working at all, or inadequately heating

  • Rapid furnace cycling

We always aim to provide fast service with a friendly attitude. Our knowledgeable technicians are always up front about pricing. We put in the work and care to make sure your system is running perfectly after our repairs. If your system failure is bad enough, we will give you an honest recommendation if we think it is wise to invest in a new gas furnace.

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During each of our legendary winter cold snaps our techs arrive at least a few service call where the problem could have been resolved by the owner. Perhaps you'll save stress, time, and money by checking these things before you call:

  • Make sure your thermostat is "ON", is set to "HEAT", and the desired room temperature is set higher than the current ambient temperature.

  • Check you circuit breaker panel to ensure that your heating system breaker is "ON".

  • Make sure your "FURNACE SWITCH" is set to "ON". This switch is typically a traditional toggle switch that may have a RED cover-plate.

  • Change your furnace filter and re-start your furnace.

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An unexpected furnace breakdown will leave you in a very unpleasant situation. Luckily, you can reduce the chances of furnace malfunction with regular furnace maintenance performed by a qualified technician. Like most systems that operate on a regular basis, your furnace can benefit from being looked over and tuned up by a professional who knows what they are doing.

  • Better Efficiency A professional tune-up for your system will keep it operating efficiently, and greater efficiency means smaller energy bills as well as a longer system lifespan.

  • Protection Against Unexpected Breakdowns Our technicians will find weak points during maintenance, so solutions can be provided now. This reduces the chances of these small issues resulting in surprise breakdowns during the freezing temperatures and the associated headache of getting expensive emergency repairs.

  • Protect Your Furnace Warranty: All manufacturers require routine inspection and maintenance. Proper maintenance will ensure that your system and your warranty is in great shape.

  • Extended Service Life: A properly maintained furnace will have a longer service life.

Call us before the heating season and we’ll perform a thorough furnace cleaning and check. We’ll change your furnace filters, clean up and accumulate dust or debris, check your furnace vents, then run test your system to ensure you’re ready for a winter of safe and reliable heating.



Ultimate HVAC is local owned and has decades of experience providing water heater installation and service for Skokie area homeowners and businesses.

 Guarantee Peace of Mind

Ultimate HVAC is committed to your needs and satisfaction regarding water heating, HVAC or indoor air quality.

 Factory Trained

We have completed manufacturer training and are Navien® and A. O. Smith dealers.

We've been an Accredited Better Business Bureau member since 2017, and we are more than proud of our A+ BBB rating!

Nate Certified heating and cooling contractor.

Ultimate HVAC is EPA refrigeration and air conditioning certified.

Ultimate HVAC is licensed and insured to do furnace, boiler, air conditioning, and water heating work throughout Cook County.

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